Recycle aluminum cans for Title 1 elementary school bus trips

Pre-covid, your Red Rock Audubon chapter raised funds to hire buses for Ruby Thomas Elementary School (Title I elementary school) to the Henderson Bird Viewing preserve. Without our funding, the students would not have an outdoor field trip that year. 
Title I schools have over 75% of their students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Boy looking through a scope

Pre-covid, Red Rock Audubon under the leadership of Jim Switalla collected aluminum cans at our General meetings and the funds were used to support our chapter’s operations. 
We are reviving BOTH programs. We want all members to have the opportunity help clean up our community, reduce plastics and give some of our youths the opportunity to enjoy birds in the outdoors. You can help reduce the use of plastic beverage containers, collect aluminum cans and bring the cans to our outdoor birding events. 
Instead of using money from recycling cans to support chapter operations, we propose to use the funds for financing field trip buses. Every truck load (Jim’s pickup truck) of collected cans could be worth up to $50. It may take many truck loads to fund even just one bus, every bit will help. 
How can you help? Lets get involved. 
  1. Switch from plastic to aluminum and keep the aluminum cans out of your recycle or trash bin. 
  2. Encourage your friends and family to support your effort.
  3. Collect cans during your walks or other outdoor activity.
  4. Create your own community clean up events and collect the aluminum cans. Think big.
  5. Bring your collected cans to a Red Rock Audubon birding event for Jim. To reduce our project’s carbon foot print, we will choose and designate a can drop off location monthly. The drop off location will be communicated to you through our monthly newsletter and on social media. 
  6. If Jim cannot be at a particular birding event – a volunteer will take the cans. 
  7. Questions? Please reach out to Jim Switalla – 702-371-6392 or travlrmn6@cox.net